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Don't Rain on My Parade 2.53/Stateline 4.43 (Ariola AHA 510/3.78)

Adolescent sex (Ariola AHAL 8004/4.78)

Transmission 4.45/The Unconventional 3.01/Wish You Were Black 4.47/Performance 4.35/Lovers on Main Street 4.07/Don't Rain on My Parade 2.53/Suburban Love 7.26/Adolescent Sex 3.43/Communist China 2.43/Television 9.12

The Unconventional 3.01/Adolescent Sex (re-recording) 4.11 (Ariola AHA 525/8.78)
Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.44/Love Is Infectious 4.09 (Ariola AHA 529/10.78)

Obscure alternatives (Ariola /11.78)

Automatic Gun 4.03/.....Rhodesia 6.47/Love Is Infectious 4.09/Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.44/Obscure Alternatives 6.48/Deviation 3.23/Suburban Berlin 4.57/The Tenant 7.11

Life in Tokyo (short version) 3.30/Life in Tokyo (part 2) 3.29 (Ariola AHA 540/5.79)
Life in Tokyo (long version) 7.08/Life in Tokyo (short version) 3.30 (Ariola AHAL 540/5.79)

Quiet life (Ariola AHAL 5011/2.80)

Quiet Life 4.50/Fall in Love with Me 4.30/Despair 5.56/In vogue 6.30/Halloween 4.23 /All Tomorrow's Parties 5.43/Alien 4.59/The Other Side of Life 7.23

I Second That Emotion 3.45/Quiet Life 3.51 [fade-out] (Ariola AHA 559/3.80)

Live in Tokyo (Ariola/7.80)

In Vogue (live) 6.09/Deviation (live) 3.18/Obscure Alternatives (live) 6.04/Sometimes I Feel So Low (live) 4.04

Gentlemen take Polaroids (UK CD: CDV 2180; US CD: CAROL 1829-2/10.80)

Gentlemen Take Polaroids 7.05/Swing 6.23/Burning Bridges 5.22/The Experience Of Swimming 4.06 (Only on US-CD)/My New Career 3.52/Methods of Dance 6.53/Ain't That Peculiar 4.37/Nightporter 6.56/The Width Of A Room 3.15 (Only on US-CD)/Taking Islands in Africa 5.11

Gentlemen Take Polaroids 3.28 [single edit]/The Experience of Swimming 4.04/The Width of a Room 3.12/Burning Bridges 3.59 (Virgin VS 379/10.80)
Life in Tokyo 3.30/European Son 3.40 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 4/4.81)
Life in Tokyo 7.08/European Son 5.00 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 124/4.81)
The Art of Parties 3.55/Life Without Buildings 6.33 (Virgin VS 409/5.81)
The Art of Parties 6.41/Life Without Buildings 6.33 (Virgin VS 409-12/5.81)

Quiet Life 3.51 [edit]/A Foreign Place 3.11 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 6/8.81)
Quiet Life 4.50//A Foreign Place 3.11/Fall in Love With Me 4.30 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 126/8.81)

Assemblage (Ariola/9.81)

Adoloscent Sex (re-recording) 4.11/Stateline 4.43/Communist China 2.43/.....Rhodesia 6.47/Suburban Berlin 4.57/Life in Tokyo 3.30 [on UK cassette/Japanese LP: 6.18 unique Assemblage Moroder remix]/European Son 3.40 /All Tomorrow's Parties 4.13 [alternate version]/Quiet Life 4.50/I Second That Emotion 3.45

Visions of China 3.37/Taking Islands in Africa 4.53 [1981 Remix] (Virgin VS 436/11.81)
Visions of China 3.37/Swing 6.23 (Virgin VS 436-12/11.81)

Tin drum (LP: Virgin V 2209; CD: CDV 2209/11.81)

The Art of Parties 4.10 [remix]/Talking Drum 3.33/Ghosts 4.33/Canton 5.28/Still Life in Mobile Homes 5.32/Visions of China 3.37/Sons of Pioneers 7.07/Cantonese Boy 3.44

European Son (remix) 3.48/Alien 4.59 (Ariola/Hansa 10/1.82)
European Son (extended remix) 5.33/Alien 4.59 (Ariola/Hansa 1210/1.82)

Ghosts 3.55 [single edit]/The Art of Parties (version, live) 5.18
(Virgin VS 472/3.82)
Ghosts 3.55 [single edit]/The Art of Parties (version, live) 5.18 (Virgin VS 472-12/3.82)
Cantonese Boy 3.44/Burning Bridges 3.59 [edit]/Gentlemen Take Polaroids 3.28 [edit]/The Experience of Swimming 4.04 (Virgin VS 502/5.82)

I Second That Emotion (remix) 3.52/Halloween 4.23 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 12/6.82)
I Second That Emotion (extended remix) 5.15/Halloween 4.23 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 1212/6.82)

Life in Tokyo (special remix) 3.59/Life in Tokyo (Theme) 3.53 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 17/9.82)
Life in Tokyo (extended remix) 7.08/Life in Tokyo (Theme) 3.53 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 1217/9.82)
Nightporter 5.01 (remix)/Ain't That Peculiar (remix) 4.49 (Virgin VS 554/11.82)
Nightporter 6.48 (remix)/Methods of Dance 6.53 (remix) (Virgin VS 554-12/11.82)

All Tomorrow's Parties (1983 remix) 3.32/In vogue (live) 6.10 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 18/3.83)
All Tomorrow's Parties (1983 extended remix) 5.15/Deviation (live) 3.18/Obscure Alternatives (live) 6.04 (Ariola/Hansa HANSA 1218/3.83)
Canton (live) 4.05 [edit]/Visions of China (live) 3.45 (Virgin VS 581/5.83)
Canton (live) 5.15/Visions of China (live) 3.45 (Virgin VS 581-12/5.83)

Oil on canvas (CD: CDV 2513/6.83)

Oil on Canvas 1.23 [studio recording]/Sons of Pioneers 5.00/Gentlemen Take Polaroids [on reissue CD]/Swing [on reissue CD]/Cantonese Boy 3.45/Visions of China 3.34/Ghosts 6.24/Voices Raised in Welcome, Hands Held in Prayer 3.29 [studio recording]/Nightporter 6.45 [studio re-recording]/Still Life in Mobile Homes 5.37/Methods of Dance 6.07/Quiet Life 4.35/The Art of Parties 5.28/Canton 5.43/Temple of Dawn 1.44 [studio recording]

Exorcising ghosts (CD: VGDCD 3510/12/84)

Methods of Dance 6.53/Swing 6.23 [not on CD]/Gentlemen Take Polaroids 7.05/Quiet Life 4.50//A Foreign Place 3.11 [not on CD]/Nightporter 6.56/My New Career 3.52/The Other Side of Life 7.23/Visions of China 3.37/Taking Islands in Africa 4.53 [1981 Remix] [not on CD]/Ghosts 4.33/Sons of Pioneers 7.07 [not on CD]/Voices Raised in Welcome, Hands Held in Prayer (edit) [not on CD]/Life Without Buildings 6.33/Talking Drum 3.33/The Art of Parties 6.41 [extended version]

Souvenir from Japan (BMG/Hansa, 260 360/10.89)

I Second That Emotion 3.45/Life in Tokyo 3.59 [unique edit of Assemblage 6.18 remix]/Deviation (live) 3.17/Suburban Berlin 4.58/Adolescent Sex (re-recording) 4.11/European Son 3.40/All Tomorrow's Parties 4.12 [Assemblage version]/Communist China 2.43/Stateline 4.43/.....Rhodesia 6.47/Obscure Alternatives 6.47/Quiet Life 4.50

The other side of Japan (Receiver Records, RRCD 150/1991)

Wish You Were Black 4.47/Television 9.12/The Unconventional 3.01/Transmission 4.45/Automatic Gun 4.03/Love Is Infectious 4.09/Sometimes I Feel So Low 3.44/The Tenant 7.11/In vogue 6.30/Halloween 4.23/A Foreign Place 3.11/Don't Rain on My Parade 2.53

In vogue (Camden, 74321 393382/1996)

The Unconventional 3.01/Lovers on Main Street 4.07/Transmission 4.45/I Second That Emotion 3.45/All Tomorrow's Parties 5.43/Alien 4.59/Halloween 4.23/Suburban Berlin 4.57/Quiet Life 4.50/Love Is Infectious 4.09/Fall in Love with Me 4.30/Adolescent Sex (re-recording) 4.11/European Son (extended remix)/In vogue 6.13 /Life in Tokyo 6.18 [unique Assemblage remix]

The masters (Eagle Records, EABCD003/9.97)

Quiet Life 4.50/European Son 3.40/I Second That Emotion 3.45/Life in Tokyo (short version) 3.30/All Tomorrow's Parties 5.43/Deviation (live) 3.18/Adolescent Sex 3.43/Halloween 4.23/Love Is Infectious 4.09/Communist China 2.43/Lovers on Main Street 4.07/In vogue/Suburban Berlin 4.57/Alien 4.59/Obscure Alternatives 6.48