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Mick Karn: Sensitive
Sensitive 4.02/The Sound of Waves 3.42 (Virgin, VS 508)
Sensitive (4.34?)/The Sound of Waves 6.11 (Virgin, VS 508-12)

Mick Karn - Titles
Tribal dawn - Lost affections in a room - Passions in moisture - Weather in the windmill - Saviour, are you with me? - Trust me - Sensitive - Piper blue - The sounds of waves (B-Side of the single release of "Sensitive")

The first 4 tracks are instrumental and the second 4 tracks are with vocals. The last track on the CD is an instrumental.

Rated: 6


Mick Karn/Midge Ure: After a Fashion
After a Fashion 3.57/Textures 3.25 (Chrysalis, FEST 1)
After a Fashion 5.43 [extended version]/Textures 3.25 (Chrysalis FESTX 1)


DALI'S CAR [Karn/Peter Murphy]: The Judgement Is the Mirror
The Judgement Is the Mirror/High Places (Paradox/Virgin, DOX 1)
The Judgement Is the Mirror//High Places/Lifelong Moments (DOX 112)

Dalis car - The waking hour
Dalis car - His box - Cornwall stone - Artemis - Create and melt - Moonlife - The judgement is the mirror

Coloboration between Paul Vincent Lawford, Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) and Mick Karn. One of my favorites. Mysterious music. All tracks with vocals.

Rated: 9


Jansen/Barbieri - Worlds in a small room
Breaking the Silence - Toys - Blue Lines - Mission - The Way the Light Falls - Balance - Moving Circles - Distant Fires - Move in Circles

This one takes a while and is re-released under the medium label with new tracks. Completely instrumental. I still don't like these. Probably the worst they've made. A bad way to start together. The Dolphin brothers is a much better way to start their cooperation. Forget this one.

Rated: 3

Yukihiro Takahashi and Steve Jansen: Stay Close
Stay Close/Betsu-Ni/Stay Close (Weirder World)


Mick Karn featuring David Sylvian: Buoy
Buoy/Dreams of Reason (Virgin, VS 910)
Buoy//Dreams of Reason/Language of Ritual (Virgin, VS 910-12)

Mick Karn - Dreams of reason produce monsters
First impression - Language of ritual - Buoy - Land - The three fates - When love walks in - Dreams of reason - Answer

All songs are instrumental except: "Buoy" and "When love walks in". These are with David Sylvian on vocals. The booklet contains some drawings by Mick based on his sculptures.

Rated: 7

The Dolphin Brothers - Catch The Fall
Catch The Fall - Shining - Second Sight - Love That You Need - Real Life, Real Answers - Host To The Holy - My Winter - Pushing The River

The Dolphin Brothers are Steven Jansen and Richard Barbieri. This one is good. Sometimes it sounds like Japan. It's probably their most commercial album they've made. It's my personal favorite of them.

The Dolphin Brothers: Shining
Shining 4.05 [single edit]/My Winter 4.40 (Virgin, VS 969)
Shining (Am Ex Mix) 6.36//Shining 4.55/My Winter 4.40 (Virgin, VS 969-12)

The Dolphin Brothers: Second Sight
Second Sight 3.39/Host to the Holy 5.21 (Virgin, VS 997/997-12)


The Dolphin Brothers: Face to Face (02/88)
Face to Face 4.29/Second Sight 3.39


Sylvian/Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - Rain tree crow
Big wheels in shanty town - Every colour you are - Rain tree crow - Red earth - Pocket full of change - Boats for burning - New moon at red deer wallow - Blackwater - A reassuringly dull Sunday - Blackcrow hits show shine city - Scratchings on the bible belt - Cries and whispers

Sort of a reunion of Japan. Fantastic atmosphere and music. Instrumental and some with vocals.

Rated: 8

Jansen/Barbieri - Stories across borders
Long Tales, Tall Shadows - When Things Dream - The Insomniac's Bed - The Night Gives Birth - Celebration - Nocturnal Sightseeing - One More Zombie



Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - Beginning to melt
Beginning to melt - The wilderness - March of the innocents - Human age - Shipwrecks - Ego dance - The orange asylum

This is the first CD released under the Medium Label. A mixture of instrumentals en songs.

Rated: 8

Mick Karn - Bestial cluster
Bestial cluster - Back in the beginning - Beard in the letterbox - The drowning dream - The sad velvet breath of summer and winter - Saday, maday - Liver and lungs - Bones of mud

Mick's first album released by CMP Records. Both instrumental and some with vocals by Mick himself.

Rated: 7


Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - Seed
Beginning to melt (remix) - In the black of desire - The insect tribe - Prey

Second Medium CD. This is a mini-CD with good instrumentals.

Rated: 8

Jansen/Barbieri - Stone to flesh
Mother London - Sleepers awake - Ringing the bell backwards - Swim there - Closer than 'I' - Everything ends in darkness

Perfect collection of instrumentals and 3 with vocals. 

Rated: 8

Jansen/Barbieri - Other worlds in a small room
Remains of a fragile illusion - Light years - A disturbed sense of distance - Breaking the silence - Blue lines - The way the light falls - Distant fire

Ambient instrumentals. Partly the same CD as "Worlds in a small room" 1986. Why did they made this? It's just as horrible as the albums David Sylvian made with Holger Czukay.

Rated: 2

Jakko - Kingdom of dust
The Hands of Che Guevara - Drowning in My Sleep - It's Only the Moon - The Judas Kiss

David Torn/Mick Karn/Terry Bozzio - Polytown
Honey Sweating - Palms For Lester - Open Letter To The Heart Of Diaphora - Bandaged By Dreams - Warrior Horsemen Of The Spirit Thundering Over Hills Of Doubt To A Place Of Hope - Snail Hair Dune - This Is The Abduction Scene - Red Sleep - Res Majuko - City Of The Dead

Richard Barbieri/Tim Bowness - Flame
A Night in Heaven - Song of Love and Everything part I and II - Brightest Blue - Flame - Trash Talk - Time Flown - Torch Dance - Feel


Mick Karn - The tooth mother
Thundergirl mutation - Plaster the magic tongue - Lodge of skins - Gossip's cup - Feta funk - The tooth mother - Little less hope - There was not anything but nothing

Mick's second on CMP records. Better than the first. Some Greek moments are here also. Featuring Natascha Atlas.

Rated: 9

Indigo falls - Indigo falls
Only forward - World's end - Feed the fire - Falling into years - The wilderness - Towards the light - Sky fall

Debut album of vocalist Suzanne J. Barbieri.  

Jansen/Barbieri/Takemura - Changing hands
Sun trap in the sea - Subtle bodies - At eleven - Spaced - Empty orchestra - The children gathering around the lake - Memory and listening



Jakko - Mustard gas & roses
Just Another Day - Little Town - The Devil's Dictionary - Damn This Town - The Borders We Traded - Saddleworth Moor - Learning To Cry - A Handful of Pearls - Then and Now - Mustard Gas & Roses

Mick Karn - The Mick Karn Collector's edition
Little less hope - Bestial cluster (alternative edits) - Bandaged by dreams - Feta funk - Liver and lungs (alternative mix) - Saday, maday - Corridor - House of home - Drawings we have lived (unreleased) - Red sleep - There was not anything but nothing

Fantastic collector's item to have. CMP became bankrupt. But they managed to put this out before it was too late. Including now hard to get colloborations with other artists.

Rated: 10

Robbie Aceto - Code

  • Bells (featuring Steve Jansen)
  • Archangel (featuring Steve Jansen


Pulse - Pulse
Life's like that - The choice - Wave - Memory without consequence - A river dry - Prayer of gold

Vocals by Steven Jansen and Yukihiro. 


Yoshihiro Hanno meets Mick Karn - Liquid Glass
Traveller's diary - Seafall - Primitive water - A boy with wings - Dialogue I II III - Stereoscope - Lunette - Sail and wind



Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - _ism
The shallow pool - To the core - Sacrifice - Cold light - Carry the ashes - Red track dance - Beast haunted - Alone in his shoes - Found in a shell of murmurs

Probably their best album on the Medium Label.

Rated: 9

Pulse - Pulse remix
The choice (reinforced mix) - Life's like that (vocal mix) - Memory without consequence (interpolated mix) - Wave (unkut modular ekstasis remix) - A river dry (the girl from south) - Prayer of gold (decomposer mix) - The choice (electro groove mix)


Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - Medium Label Sampler
Spaced - Traveller's diary - The shallow pool - The choice (reinforced mix) - A disturbed sense of distance - Mother London - Only forward - Beginning to melt - Life's like that - Life without buildings (live)

Fantastic sampler to have. Including a live version from Japan's "Life without buildings". Also a collection of interesting tracks from the Medium Label of all CD's except Seed.

Rated: 7


Mick Karn - Each Eye A Path
Up To Nil/The Salmon Of Knowledge/Latin Mastock/The Forgotten Puppeteer/My Mrs. T./Angel's Got A Lotus/Serves You Rice/The Night We Never Met/Venus Monkey/Left Big

To be released in January 2001. Already available at the Medium Label Website.
Still not widely available but I'm having it now. It's a good one. Mytsterious as always. 2 tracks are with vocals.

Rated: 7

Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - Playing In A Room With People
Walkabout/Big Wheels In Shanty Town/Saday Maday/Lodge Of Skins/When Things Dream/Bestial Cluster/The Night Gives Birth/Long Tales, Tall Shadows/Plaster The Magic Tongue/Types Of Ambiguity

First live album on the medium label.

Rated: 8

Steve Jansen/Claudio Chianura - Kinoapparatom
Awakening/Operator/Gates of moscow/Life size/Elevator/At work/Playtime/Dusk