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Sylvian/Sakamoto: Bamboo Houses (07/82)
Bamboo Houses 4.13 [single edit]/Bamboo Music 4.40 [single edit]
Bamboo Houses 5.25/Bamboo Music 5.37


  • Living on the Frontline 3.38 [words and background vocals by David Sylvian]
  • Where the Fire Still Burns 4.58 [words and background vocals by David Sylvian]


  • Good Night 1.35 [words by Sylvian; vocals by Sylvian and Akiko]

Sylvian/Sakamoto: Forbidden Colours (07/83)
Forbidden Colours 4.42/Seed and the Sower [Sakamoto instrumental]

Red Guitar (06/84)
Red Guitar 4.22 [edit]/Forbidden Colours (Version) 5.54
Red Guitar 5.04/Forbidden Colours (Version) 5.54

Brilliant trees/Words with the Shaman (07/84)
Polling punches - The ink in the well - Nostalgia - Red guitar - Weathered wall - Backwaters - Brilliant trees - Words with the shaman prt. 1: Ancient evening - Prt. 2: Incantation - Prt. 3: Awakening (Songs From The Tree Tops)

David's first and probably also best album. The American/Japanese import CD contains the Words with the Shaman as a bonus. In other words you also got half of Alchemy - An index of possibilities from 1985 which is unavailable on CD except for the one in the CD-Box: The weatherbox.

Rated: 8

The Ink in the Well (08/84)
The Ink in the Well 4.28/Weathered Wall (Instrumental) 5.41
The Ink in the Well 4.28/Weathered Wall (Instrumental) 5.41

Pulling Punches (11/84)

Pulling Punches 3.02 [edit]/Backwaters 4.49
Pulling Punches 5.01/Backwaters 4.49

Words with the Shaman (12/85)
Words with the Shaman (Part 1) 5.14/Words with the Shaman (Part 2) 3.27/Words with the Shaman (Part 3) 5.15

Words with the Shaman: Part 1: Ancient Evening - Part 2: Incantation - Part 3: Awakening - Preparations for a Journey 3.38 - Steel Cathedrals 18.51

Unavailable seperately on CD. The words with the Shaman part 1 to 3 are available also on the American/Japanese CD of Brilliant trees/Words with the Shaman.


  • This Is Not Enough 4.20 [music, words, backing vocals and keyboards by D. Sylvian]

Taking the Veil (08/86)

Taking the Veil 4.39/Answered Prayers 3.06 (Virgin VS 815; picture disc: VSY 815)
Taking the Veil 4.39 ['Julian Mendelsohn Mix 6.30' on some singles]/Answered Prayers 3.06/Birds of Prey Vanishes into a Bright Blue Cloudless Sky 3.12 (Virgin VS 815-12)

David Sylvian - Gone to earth (09/86)
Taking the veil - Laughter and forgetting - Before the bullfight - Gone to earth - Wave - River man - Silver moon - The healing place - Answered prayers - Where the railroad meets the sea - The wooden cross - Home - Upon this earth

David's second solo album is a colloboration with Robert Fripp. First 7 tracks are with vocals and the rest instrumental.

Rated: 6

Silver Moon (09/86)
Silver Moon 6.05/Gone to Earth 3.00
Silver Moon 6.05//Gone to Earth 3.00/Silver Moon over Sleeping Steeples 2.19


  • Buoy 4.54 [words and vocals by David Sylvian]
  • When Love Walks in 6.13 [words and vocals by David Sylvian]


  • Some Small Hope 4.10 [words by Sylvian; vocals by Sylvian and Astley]

Let the Happiness in (09/87)
Let the Happiness in 5.32/Blue of Noon 5.39
Let the Happiness in 5.32//Blue of Noon 5.39/Buoy (Remix) 5.51

David Sylvian - Secrets of the beehive (11/87)
September - The boy with the gun - Maria - Orpheus - The devil's own - When poets dreamed of angels - Mother and child - Let the hapiness in - Waterfront - Forbidden colours (version)

All songs are with vocals. It's an almost accoustic album. David sings with full emotion on this one.

Rated: 8

David Sylvian/Holger Czukay - Plight & Premonition (03/88)
Plight (The Spiralling Of Winter Ghosts) - Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessel)

Ambient noises not really music.

Rated: 1

Orpheus (03/88)
Orpheus/The Devil's Own 3.10 (Virgin VS 1043)
Orpheus//The Devil's Own 3.10/Mother and Child 3.11 (Virgin VS 1043-12)

David Sylvian/Holger Czukay - Flux And Mutability (09/89)
Flux (A Big, Bright, Colourful World) - Mutability (A New Beginning Is In The Offing)

Ambient noises not really music.

Rated: 1

Pop Song (10/89)
Pop Song 4.30/A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce 3.28 (Virgin VS 1221)
Pop Song 4.30/A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce 3.28/The Stigma of Childhood (Kin) 8.26

CD 1: BRILLIANT TREES [same tracks as on original release]
Words with the Shaman(Part 1: Ancient Evening 5.14/Part 2: Incantation 3.27/Part 3: Awakening 5.16) - The Stigma of Childhood (Kin) 8.26 - A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce 3.28 - Steel Cathedrals 18.51
CD 3: GONE TO EARTH [contains seven tracks - LP 1 of the original 2-LP set]
CD 4: GONE TO EARTH instrumental [contains 10 tracks - LP 2 of the original 2-LP set]
CD 5: SECRETS OF THE BEEHIVE [same tracks as the original LP] (DSCD 1)


  • To a Reason 6.23 [track 5] [words, vocals and guitar by David Sylvian]
  • Victim of Stars 4.40 [track 10] [words and vocals by David Sylvian; music by Zazou/Sylvian/Lightware]

David Sylvian/Russell Mills - Ember Glance: The Performance...[Limited Edition] (03/92)
The Bee Keeper's Apprentice - Epiphany


Sylvian/Sakamoto: Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II) (06/92)

David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto: Heart Beat (Tainai Kaiki II) 5.17/Ryuichi Sakamoto: Nuages 2.15/Ryuichi Sakamoto: The Last Emperor
David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto: Heart Beat (Tainai Kaiki II) 5.17/David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto: Forbidden Colours (Version) 5.54/Ryuichi Sakamoto: Heartbeat I (4.40)/Ryuichi Sakamoto: Nuages 2.15


  • Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II) 5.17 [words: Sylvian/Sakamoto, vocals: Sylvian/Ingrid Chavez]
  • Cloud # 9 (5.19) [words: Sylvian, vocals: Sylvian/Ingrid Chavez]

David Sylvian/Robert Fripp - The first day (07/93)
God's monkey - Jean the birdman - Firepower - Brightness falls - 20th century dreaming - Darshan - Bringing down the light

Here and there it's almost heavy metal. They are half succeeded with this album. The first 4 tracks are only interesting.

Rated: 6

Jean the Birdman (08/93)
Jean the Birdman 4.09 (Sylvian/Fripp/Gunn)/Earthbound 4.15/Starblind 4.15 (Sylvian/Fripp)/Endgame 2.21 (Sylvian)
Jean the Birdman 4.09 (Sylvian/Fripp/Gunn)/Gone To Earth 3.00 [1986]/Tallow Moon 5.40 (unique Sylvian solo track)/Dark Water 6.44 (unique Fripp solo track)

Darshan (12/93)
Darshan (the road to graceland) (Translucent Remix by The Grid) 16.07/Darshana (re-constructed by The Future Sound of London) 10.11/Darshan (the road to graceland) 17.50 (Virgin, SYLCD1)

David Sylvian - Approaching silence (09/99)
The Bee Keeper's Apprentice - Epiphany - Approaching silence


David Sylvian/Robert Fripp - Damage (10/94)
Damage - God's Monkey - Brightness Falls - Every Colour You Are - Firepower - Gone To Earth -20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song) - Wave - Riverman - Darshan (The Road To Graceland) - Blinding Light Of Heaven - The First Day

Live CD from their tour.



  • Come Morning 4.06 [words and vocals by David Sylvian; music by Alesini/Sylvian]
  • The Golden Way 5.54 [words and vocals by David Sylvian; music by Alesini/Sylvian]
  • Maya 4.25 [words and vocals by David Sylvian; music by Alesini/Sylvian]
    (Italian CD: Materiali Sonori Maso CD 90069)


  • Ti ho aspettato 4.10 [words and vocals by David Sylvian] (Italian CD: CPI 300 010-2)


  • How Safe Is Deep? 7.38 [music, words and vocals by David Sylvian] (UK CD: T3396)


  • The Golden Way 5.54 (Alternate version) [music, words and vocals by David Sylvian]
  • Maya 4.25 (Alternate version) [music, words and vocals by David Sylvian]
    (Italian CD: Materialli Sonori Maso CD 90078)

I Surrender (03/99)
I Surrender 9.23/Les fleurs du mal 6.51 (music: D. Sylvian/Richard Werbowenko; lyrics: D. Sylvian)/Starred and Dreaming 2.02 (music: D. Sylvian/Richard Werbowenko; lyrics: Ingrid Chavez)
I Surrender 4.51 (single edit)/Whose Trip Is This? 7.19/Remembering Julia 4.47 (music: David Sylvian; lyrics: Ingrid Chavez)

David Sylvian - Dead bees on a cake (03/99)
i surrender - Dobro #1 - Midnight sun - Thalhiem - God man - Alphabet angel - Krishna blue - The shining of things - Café Europe - Pollen path - All of my mother's names - Wanderlust - Praise - Darkest dreaming

The real comeback of David Sylvian with this completely solo album. Now including some Indian influences.

Rated: 8

God Man (09/99)
God Man 4.00 (album version) - Shadowland 4.36 [an excerpt of 'How Safe Is Deep?'] - Godman (Wagon Christ Mix) 4.43 - Shadowland (Northfield) 3.43 [vocals by Ingrid Chavez] - Godman (Guy Sigsworth Remix) 5.30 - Video: Time Spent (a short film by David and Ingrid) (Virgin Venture, VEND8)


  • The Rooms of Sixteen Shimmers [music, words and vocals by David Sylvian] (UK CD: BELLACD 13)

David Sylvian - Evertything and nothing (10/2000)
The scent of Magnolia - Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II) - Blackwater - Albuquerque (DObro #6) - Ride - The golden way - Ghosts - Pop song - Every colour you are - Wanderlust - God's monkey - Let the hapiness in - I surrender - Thoroughly lost to logic - Jean the birdman - Cover me with flowers - The boy with the gun - Riverman - Aparna and Nimisha (Dobro #5) - Midnight sun - Orpheus - Some kind of fool - Cries and whispers - Godman - Laughter and forgetting - Buoy - Weatherd wall - Bamboo houses - Come morning

Limited editon bonus CD:

The Scent of Magnolia (Edit) 5.00 - The Blinding Light of Heaven 4.39 (studio version - previously unreleased) - The Scent of Magnolia (Portobello Mix) 5.39 - Brilliant Trees (Version 2000) 8.31

A very interesting compilation for the fans. Includes lots of songs previously unreleased as well as songs that weren't available on CD so far or hard to get. Not really a best of. Since songs like "Forbidden colours", "Red guitar" and "Taking the veil" are missing.

Rated: 10

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: Cinemage (2000)

  • Forbidden Colours (NEW version with David Sylvian)

UNDARK ONE (Russel Mills): Strange Familiar (2000)

  • How Safe Is Deep? (music, words and vocals)

David Sylvian/Robert Fripp - Damage (2001)
God's Monkey/Brightness Falls/Every Colour You Are/Jean the Birdman/Firepower/Damage/Gone to Earth/20th Century Dreaming (a Shaman's song)/Wave/Riverman/Blinding Light of Heaven/The First Day

N.M.L.: Zero Landmine (2001)

  • Zero Landmine (Piano + Vocal version - vocals+lyrics by David Sylvian)

READYMADE: Bold (2001)

  • Sugarfuel featuring David Sylvian

TWEAKER: The Attraction To All Things Uncertain (2001)

  • Linoleum (featuring David Sylvian)

David Sylvian - Camphor (2002)
All of my mother's names/Red Earth (as summertime ends)/Answered Prayers/
The Song which gives the Key to Perfection/New Moon at Red Deer Wallow/Praise (Pratah Smarami)/Wave (version)/Mother and Child (remixed by Jan Bang + Erik Honoré)/Plight (the spiraling of winter ghosts)/Upon this Earth/Big Wheels in Shanty Town/The Healing Place/Camphor/A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce